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Monday, November 20, 2006
Sketchy Cooking - Corn and Potato Fritters
Here's the deal - I buy cookbooks. Lots of Cookbooks. And I don't always make many recipes in said cookbooks. So to goad me into making more recipes and to fill up this website, I will be making ten or so recipes from each cookbook and then moving onto the next. The first cookbook is The Essential Fingerfood Cookbook.

It's an attractive cookbook, both inside and out, and the recipes are laid out regionally. The first recipe is "Corn and Potato Fritters," from the Flavours of India section. I have made this recipe three times, and the third time it turned out quite good. The first time I followed the recipe pretty closely, but rather than use my grater to shred them, I used my mandolin to cut them into thin strips - very thin, which I thought would be adequate. I was wrong though; the potatoes on the outside of the fritters tasted fine, but the ones on the interior were undercooked.

My second attempt I got some shredded potatoes in the green bag - already chopped up and cooked - but the fritters didn't stick together very well. I should note that despite these problems they tasted pretty good.

My third attempt last night I made it like a hash rather than fritters. And it turned out quite good. I used the same basic recipe (halved) and made it all in one, and served it with some sun dried tomato sausages. I liked it ok, and so did Caleb, who said it was good but could be a bit spicier - next time i make it I will include some more pepper, possibly a few red pepper flakes. I might also put in some grilled chicken, or spicy sausage.

Anyway that's my first installment - look for another one tomorrow (as I made two recipes last night).
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This website does three things

1. I will on a weekly or bi-weekly basis present comedic sketches I have written. Your mileage may vary.

2. I will also be cooking and reporting on recipes I make from the many cookbooks I have. I will be starting with a book of appetizer recipes and moving up from that. I will be reporting here rather than cooking.

3. I also think I will write the occasional feature on comedy or on things I find funny.

If I can I will also provide a weekend radio station of sorts. We'll have to see how that goes.

The title of this blog comes from a song by Simple Minds called "70 Cities as Love Brings the Fall." It is off of an album called Sons and Fascination. Ironically Sons and Fascination was doubled packed with an album called Sister Feelings Call, and I thought, making this site, that the song was from that album. I was, as it turns out, mistaken. The color scheme for this website is taken from Sister Feelings Call, though, and since I think it's a better scheme I don't plan on changing it.

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