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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Sketchy Cooking - Cheese Fritters and Pork Goyozu Dumplings
Time for another installment of sketchy cooking, where, as previously discussed, I am working my way through 10 recipes in The Essential Fingerfood Cookbook.

Our first recipe are Cheese Fritters from the Antipasto Section (if you have the book (which I got for like $10.00 at Borders) it's on page 24). Essentially you take some Mozerella Cheese and Feta Cheese cover it in flour, than eggs, then breadcrumbs. Let it sit for an hour in the fridge (or half hour maybe), then deep fry them. I thought they were ok, but think I will remake them. For one thing I'm not a big fan of Feta Cheese. It's ok in salads and as part of larger recipes, but not very good where it's the star of the show, in my opinon. And the recipee called for them to be made into cubes, which frankly weren't ideal. I think cutting the Mozerella into strips would be better, because then you could dip it into some sort of italian sauce. I made these on my own, so no comments from Caleb.

Our second recipe is for Pork Goyozu Dumplings, from the Eastern Appetizers section (Page 148). First of all I made them with Ground Beef because I couldn't find Ground Pork at publix (except as part of a meatloaf pack, which I considered briefly). Secondly I used Wonton Wrappers rather than Goyozu Wrappers - Goyozu wrappers are round, and the Wontons were square. There might be other differences as well.

They are very labor intesive - although having a dumpling press would make it quicker the book claims. Not by much I say. You take the meat mixture, put it in the wrapper, seal it up, steam them for 10 minutes, then fry them on one side for 2 minutes. Then they are done. I found them a bit bland, but Caleb seemed to really enjoy them. I liked them in a bit of soy sauce, and they might taste good with other sauces as well. I am going to get my hands on some actual Goyozu wrappers if I can and try again, at any rate.

And that's another episode of Sketchy Cooking. Tune in next time when we move from the east to the south (of the border).
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